The Beer

Around the world, beer is already known. It is one of the commodities that is being imported, smuggled and exported. There are many countries who have their own local beer but they also drink beer from other countries. That is because they have their own differences in taste, aroma and other things. Beer surprisingly is the third in ranking to be the preferred beverages. The top ones are water and tea. even if there are many coffee drinkers but the beer is on the line.

The beer has many types of materials they made from. They can be from wheat or the malted barley of from the corn or even the rice. They have also types of brewing them around the world. That is why they have differences in taste as the process are different and also the materials they used. Hops are widely used or added so that it will give the bitter taste. It is also the one who will be the preservative agent and also the stabilizing agent.

This beverage has already part of the lives of people around the world. It has an influence on cultures of people. It even created festivals around the world that makes its drinking a common and ordinary thing. One can just go to the store and buy beer without any restrictions but not in all countries. But the beer who ha a small amount of alcohol level are the ones who can be bought easily as they are available even in small stores.